Baylor's *First* Birthday Party

Here's the deal- Baylor didn't exactly get a first birthday party.  Or a second birthday party.  And the one time I throw him a legit party & make him a big dessert he nearly died by choking on a gummy worm in it and then no one ate it and I had to take it to work and pawn it off on coworkers who normally wouldn't eat something that horrible looking but when given the choice of working or eating, they're going to choose eating, no matter what the aesthetics of the food.

For Bay's first bday we had the Stephens over for take out omelettes in the morning

and did cupcakes with the Middlebrooks in the afternoon.

And then for his second birthday I think no one could really make it, so I think we did something sort of low key.  For example, for breakfast Luke fed him special birthday cornflakes:

And for dinner, I prepared for him this special birthday corn dog that he ate in a special birthday grocery cart at a special birthday store called Fred Meyer.  With his shirt on inside out.

Probably there is an entire themed table set with goodie bags and pinatas and an amazing cake just out of frame. But maybe not.

But THIS year Mr. Baylor Blitz partied like a rock star.  He got a pinterest-fail cake.  Which was actually a cookie-brownie bar dirt track with worms and trucks. I went the extra mile for health and hygiene and bought NEW trucks that I then DISHWASHED for sanitation.  I really pulled out all the stops for this kid.

I bathed him and clipped his nails.  This is as much primping as a three year old boy (and his mom) can handle, so in between the bath & scheduled guest arrival he snuck out to play in his "construction site" which is actually a dirt pile.

Then the party started.  Here's photos taken on the red carpet:
Aunt Laurie

The plaid mafia

Here's 3.26% of the Middlebrooks family

and another 3.26%

and Grandpa Dick who holds a special place in my heart, and whose extremely specific brand and flavors of condiments hold a special place in my fridge.

We had a performing bear for entertainment

There was a little bit of a bottleneck at the transportation station

and a very appropriate gift from Jack & Patty


And then he got his first chance to blow out candles,

which was quickly eclipsed by a brief choking episode in which Baylor tried to swallow a gummy worm whole and failed and luckily this guy

is the same as this guy

so he saved the day and extracted the gummy worm from my son's gullet. And saving lives is all just in a days work for this clown

Anyhow- this little fellow

had a good day judging by the end state of his paws

Here he is

making the face he makes when he is talking about something with conviction

which is to say he is probably extolling the virtues of garbage trucks, excavators and cargo trains.

He is my very favorite three year old.


Fun Run: Year 3

2012 fun run:

Last year's fun run:

This year's fun run:

Plus Ash & Brooke joined the fun:

And Navy attended but will have to wait until next year to run.


The Story of How Addie and I Became BFFs

Get a load of this. They brought another girl-baby to my house.

At first I was like, "Who are YOU!?" And then I showed her how I can push my arms straight out and make myself taller, which I think intimidated her a little.

Then she broke eye contact and looked away. Which in dog and baby language means, "Ok fine you can be the boss."  Which is only fair since I am older than her.

And if there is one thing I know so far, it is that the older one gets to be the boss. If you're the younger one you have to stand in the back of pictures.

And you have to listen to everything they say even if it is straight nonsense.

And most of all you always have to laugh at the older one's jokes.

But THEN I found out girl-baby wasn't deferring, she was just turning to flex on me! She was like, "Oh yeahhhh BABY? Well you might be older but I am BIGGER. Check out these biceps!"  And I did- and she was right. She could thump me!

So then I was like, "MOM! Who gets to be boss if I'm older but this girl-baby is bigger.  Does it default to cutest outfit? Cuz I'm wearing a swimsuit with a tu-tu."  But then after I said that I realized she had a hair accessory. And also she had hair.

Mom said, "Quit calling her girl-baby.  Her name is Addie and no one is the boss.  You just get to be friends."  So I said, "FINE."

So I looked her straight in the eye, from about a centimeter away

And I said, "Look Addie.  We have our differences. You're a huggies woman, I'm more of a pampers gal myself.

But between your bow and my earrings it is clear: we are two fashion forward women just trying to make it in this crazy world."

Then I gave her a friendly peck on the cheek and that is the story of how Addie and I became BFFs.


In Flight Entertainment

Bay likes to fly, and Jack likes to throw things.

He asks his dad to fly him several times a day.

Now Casey & Baylor...

enjoy flying together.


I'm Taking Over.

Guys. Mom is behind on blogging and my entire childhood is at risk of going along undocumented.

I mean, can you imagine? A world where I go unblogged for minutes, hours, DAYS on end?

How depressing.

WAIT! I have an IDEA!


Whoa, whoa. Just keep your skirts on- don't get too excited.

That's better. Ok, here we go.

Guess what!?

They finally fed me.


It was deee-lish.

Tee hee!

Saw my Nannie.

That lady is HILLARIOUS.

Must be where I get it from.

Oh yeah. My dad sent this pic to mom one morning while she was at work & she texted back really fast "LUKE! THAT ISN'T SAAAAAAFE!" So then?

I got moved to floor.  Which is soooo boring.

Ya know how my brother is all into trucks & stuff?

Well we went to Dozer Days to look at real live trucks.

These two got hats and cotton candy.

And I did not.

Mom took the three of us to the doctor.

Bay was like, "Let me tell you--

---ONE thing.

There's gonna be shots."

Then he started foaming at the mouth.

aaaand drooling.

Guess what. He was right. Shots for both Jo & I. I think the doc thought he was rabid because he didn't have to get a single shot.

Oh! I had my first Easter.  We took pics in the parking lot at church and dad was soooo mad he had to carry all the purses.

These two clowns got lots of candy.

And I did not.

However I did get something.

A new SWIM SUIT! Which I obviously look totes adorbs in.

Aaaand got my special jellycat bunny!

I named her Rosie Rabbit.

She's not so tasty.

But she IS good for snuggling.

Time for a sibling update. This is Jo. She turned FIVE!

Here we are having a BLAST while she pushes me on my swing. She is safe and predictable.

My brother, on the other hand...

is neither safe,

nor predictable.


Why can't the boy keep PANTS ON!?

and you should hear what passes for jokes with him!

For instance, "Knock knock."

"Who's there?"

"Interrupting cow on my HEAD!" No really- that is how he tells jokes. They make no sense.

Lately Dad & Mom have been leaving me to eat grass while everyone works in the yard.

Well, some people work and some people just push around dirt with their construction trucks to make it look like they are working.  I asked mom why everyone was so busy in the yard and she said because we were having a PARTY!

And I was like, "Yessss! I am AWESOME at parties!"

And then, because I was SO excited, I was like, "Throw your hands in the air..."

"...and wave 'em like you just don't caaaaaaaaare."

So all of Grammy's peeps came into town for the big par-tay.

And they plopped me on to Jo's lap for a kid pic.

And the grown ups were trying to get all the kids to sit still and Aunt Nancy even tried to show us all how to sit politely but Xavier was all anxious, Brooke was all impatient, Casey was confused about why he had to stop mowing the lawn with the bubble mower (spoiler alert Casey, it doesn't actually mow the lawn) and I think Julie was talking smack to Baylor and he was NOT having it.  Jo wasn't paying attention (big surprise) and I was pretty sure Baylor or Julie or both were going to throw it down 2-year-old tantrum style.

And then Julie was like, "BAYLOR I'M NOT ABOUT TO TAKE THIS FROM YOU!" And Baylor pretended like he didn't know what she was talking about and it got kinda awkward so Jo & I pretended like we weren't watching.

And then Julie stormed off.  And Casey was still kind of confused about the mower, and Baylor was looking for a way to make this whole thing not his fault and Brooke was distracted by a toy with a few measley moving parts and Xavier I guess had just resigned himself to sit still like his mom was asking him to.  So basically, no cute cousin picture, but who didn't see that coming!?

Ok. I'm out. Until next time, may your feedings be frequent and your diapers dry my friends.