Neck Attire

Jo went through a phase where she wanted something lovely (grammy's sports bras) around her neck.

Brooklyn, apparently, is going through the same phase.



Hands down, I have the best mother in law ever.  Sometimes she says things that are not quite true (sometimes they are not even remotely true), and Dick calls them "Sara-isms."  Here's a list of things I've learned from Sara- some are pearls of wisdom and some are most definitely Sara-isms.  I'll let you decide which is which.

1. Always laugh at your husband's jokes.  It makes them feel good about themselves.

2. When babies are gassy, press their legs upward & rub their bellies.

3. Laundry baskets are the quintessential packing method for camping trips, car rides, beach days, and even....laundry.  They also work as play pens in a pinch.

4. It only takes one consecutive day of McDonald's ice cream with Gram-gram to establish an addiction and tradition so deeply ingrained that your grandchildren will SOB if you promise them their mom will get them ice cream this time, and then McDonalds' stupid ice cream machine is broken.

5. It is preferable, in all occasions, to dress your children alike.  Unless you have two boys and one girl- then you go with a theme. 
Eh, screw that. Just dress them alike anyway. Katie will get over it.

Well...she might not get over this atrocity:

But look how cute it works for groups of the same gender:
6. Children are best bathed in sinks.
One at a time,
Two at a time,
Or even in the spaghetti pot

7. EVERY baby is the most exciting- no matter how many grandkids you have.

8. Love your in-laws

9. Love your momma

10. If they don't sell it at Costco, you don't need it.

11. The definition of winning is to mop the floor with a foot rag while you're cleaning the dishes.  Even her granddaughter has picked up on this habit.

12. Don't fret over perfect pictures. Keep it real.

13. Sometimes suggest and embark on the most ridiculously insane adventures- like taking 8 kids to the zoo. On MAX. 

Or five to the beach, a 2 hour ride each way, in a single day, and stop at no less than 4 fast food joints/grocery stores on the way home to get everyone their favorite food.

14. Sunscreen. Always.

15. If you have a sort of gangly foot thing, don't let it stop you from climbing/crawling, dancing or running. 

16. If you're going to laugh at people, do it silently so they don't know they're being laughed at.
Photo: Silent laughing with my daughter while holding her daughter; wonderful morning!

17.  Hold tight to the ones you love.

I love you Sara- Happy HAPPY Birthday!
PS- this is Sara's passport picture, and Dick's very favorite picture of his wife.  Isn't that sweet? 


An Editorial, by Guest Blogger Navy

You look funny sideways.

Ahee-hee, that's more like it!

I crack myself up.  I get that from my mom.

Sooo....time for some updates.

Found out I can chew on my hand!

Working towards getting them both in there at the same time.

Found out I have a neck! I was like, "This scrawny thing's supposed to hold up my big head!?? Um, hellooo design flaw!"

I rolled up my sleeve one day & noticed I have a crazy birthmark that looks like a bad tatt.

But then I got distracted by all these stripes.  Do they make me look wide?

I met an invisible friend one day, just hanging out in the chair. She tells me the most shocking things.

I'm always like, "Whaaaat!?!?" I don't think I can trust her.

I'll tell ya who I can trust. THIS guy.


Sometimes I try to tell my mom with my eyes, "THIS GUY'S NOT STABLE."

And then she ignores me until I cry.

And then she holds me again & I can rest easy- PHEW.


March in Review

We went to the park to wear the kids out (that is the ONLY reason we ever go to the park).  I devised a super crafty plan in which I would dole out stale 4-month old crackers one by one so that the kids had to run up & down the dock to feed the ducks.  Brilliant, I thought.  It worked 3 times before Baylor decided HE wanted to sit in one spot and eat the duck food. Joke's on me.  But then I didn't really have to cook them dinner since they were stuffed to the brim with expired carbs.  So joke's back on them.

We've been doing a lot of yardwork (not that you would notice) lately & the kids love being outside (until they get dirty, wet, or hungry- whichever comes first).  Here's a pic I took from inside of Luke taking a pic of Baylor.  They are such a cute pair.

Our neighbor brought us a pie.  Which Baylor's spoon skillfully detected.

Someone went to kindergarten round up, and someone only cried once and successfully hid her tears from the other parents who obviously have no soul because they didn't seem to be weeping at the thought of sending their teeny tiny child off to school.